First Visit

Your First Visit in our office

1st Visit Paperwork

You will receive paperwork when entering the office, and can fill a few of the forms out below.  There may be a few we still ask to fill out in the office.

Talking with the Dr

You can expect to have a talk with the doctor regarding your health concerns and the treatment program designed specifically for you.

Tests and More

Like any other doctor, we will ask some questions about your health and history in order to obtain a better diagnosis and treatment plan. Following the questions, the doctor will want to do a few physical tests to determine what parts of you are hindering your movement.


Some conditions require x-rays as a way to rule out anything more serious and so we can get a better look at your spine.  This will help us create the most effective treatment plan for your body.


Before you leave, you will be given activities or other movements and stretches to do at home to help your healing process.

Next Steps

In most cases, there will be a follow-up appointment within 1-2 days where you will receive information regarding the findings of your examination, as well as treatment options.