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As A Chiropractor in Arlington Texas We Strive To Bring You To A Better Wellness


With our Mansfield X-ray Tech in-house, we are able to learn more about your unique situation so we can better serve your pain.


After having a chiropractic intial consultation and going over the possible areas of improvement, we analyze the best possible solution to your chiropractic care.


Releasing deep stress within your body/mind so you’ll function better, permitting your natural healing ability, your inner healer, to function better.


Our purpose is to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

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Arlington Chiropractor

Here as a chiropractor in Arlington TX, we treat a range of spinal and joint issues. With many years of experience, you can prove that we’ve successfully treated the same condition that you currently have. If you have back or neck pain and the pain travels down into your arms or legs, we’ve probably treated that condition more times than we can count!

When the body begins to experience abnormal functions like allergies, headaches, chronic pain, fatigue, or lowered immunity, Polson Family Chiropractic knows to look first at the nerve system for the answer.

Posture is the window to your spine, which houses your nerve system. Put simply, if your nerve system is stressed, so is your spine and your posture. A careful evaluation of your spine by our Arlington TX Chiropractor could reveal the exact coordinates of where nerve supply may be trapped or interrupted due to stress or trauma.

If you are experiencing pain in your spine or joints, Polson Family Chiropractic is the place you need to be.

– Dr. Polson

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